Monday, August 29, 2011

Thank you!
Diabetes Counts would like to thank a few important people for joining us and supporting us for our first ever ride in the Tour of the Valley!

On August 28th, 2011 at 6:30 AM we started arriving at the hotel with our bikes, meters, pumps, water, glucose, and whatever else we may have needed and getting ready to ride 15-30 miles.  The weather was overcast and warm and even though it was early it was beautiful out. 

Our youngest member, a 6 year old type 1, was very inspiring planning to ride as much of 15 miles as he could on his bike.  At 7AM we assembled with our bikes in front of the hotel where the ride started and took a photo as a team.  We had the representative from Sanofi Aventis, a Team Type 1 rider and her family, our Community Hospital sponsored CDE and her husband, and two familys with 3 type 1 kids. 

We finally got on our bikes and we were off to a great start!  Our group made it all 15 miles in about 2 hours and when we reached the rest stop we congratulated each other and some of us decided despite the looming clouds, ominous thunder and lightning to go ahead and ride back after part of us decided to go home.  The ride back was just as fun although, we did get cold and very wet it was a good time and the scenery all day was just wonderful.  Upon arriving back at the finish our 12 year old type 1 who rode all 30 miles said she was proud of herself for making it because she did not think she was going to when she started. 

Way to go everyone and thank you to all of you for showing up!  Maybe next year we will have even more families join us and the rain will wait so that we can all finish the entire 30 miles.