PI: Debra K. Bailey RN, PhD candidate        COMIRB #  12-0102

Teenagers with type 1 diabetes T1DM needed for research study**
Purpose of the Study:

To answer these questions and more!!!

1. How do you want your health care provided?
2. What would help you manage your diabetes?
3. What do you need from your health care team?

We are looking for:
-Adolescents with type 1 diabetes
-14-18 years old
-Have had type 1 diabetes for greater than 1 year
-Without psychiatric or major medical illness beyond type 1 diabetes
Participants will:
1. Complete a quality of life questionnaire
2. Participate in three focus groups for 1-2 hours over a 2 month period of time
3. Focus group 1= iTuneTM gift card!
Focus group 2= iTuneTM gift card!
Focus group 3= iTuneTM gift card!
Phone interview after focus groups = iTuneTM gift card!
For more information contact
Debra Bailey RN, FNP, CDE  at or
Cell 970-261-4993
COMIRB # 12-0102