Friday, February 11, 2011

Diabetes Counts

Diabetes Counts
Please Join Us for our 1st Meeting-Friday March 4th
1st Edition

Hello! Welcome to the Diabetes Counts Blog.  Diabetes Counts is a support group put together by the family of a type 1 diabetic to; help spread information about what type 1 diabetes is in the local community, help get type 1 students from kindergarten to 12 grade together for mentoring and fun and to give parents of type 1 diabetics in the local area as many resources and as much support as possible.

Where are we located? 
Grand Junction, Colorado

When will we meet?
Well, our first meeting will be March 4th, 2011 Friday.

Who will be there?
We invite all type 1 diabetics however, we do focus on kindergarten through 12th grade and their families. 
We have invited local professionals like doctors, nurses, school district nurses, diabetes educators and nutrition specialists to join us!

What is the plan for the meeting? 
To meet and greet and let everyone know what we are about.  We will have food and drink and those who were a part of getting this off the ground will be there to share our vision.

We will also do what we can to partner with other outside resources like JDRF, ADA and the Barbra Davis Center in Denver to let others know we are here and share the word with the local community about type 1 diabetes because as the old saying goes, knowledge is power and with this condition that is especially true.

We look forward to future posts and to seeing you at our next meeting!

Diabetes Counts

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