Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 Events and Such

Hello Friends!  It is 2012 and we are ready to start working on getting together for another fun and educational event this February, we also are working on a calendar that will allow you to see in advance what get togethers are on the horizon.  If you go to our face book page there is even a little survey asking if the things we have thought to do this year are things that also interest you.

Please take the time to go fill out the survey on face book, check out our web site and fill in the information page so that we can keep you informed about events, and finally below are the same events you can vote on at the face book page by date.

Starting in February we will hold a regular Parents Coffee at a local spot where we can all get together and visit.  This event is one that is taking off in Denver and other areas, if you would like to hold one in your area please let us know and we will be happy to post it on our sites for you as will many other web sites for type 1 diabetics.  Keep an eye on all of our pages for information or links to Diabetes camps.  If you know of a camp we have not yet published please write and let us know.

January 2012 - This month is our planning month so we will not be holding a regular meeting.

February 2012 - We are working on putting together a Type 1 Fun Night at Colorado Mesa University.  This event is one we hope will appeal to all ages and will also give parents a little time to relax knowing their child is in knowledgeable hands.  We coordinate with the Assistant Professor of Nursing to create an evening where the parents drop off students and siblings to the care of 3 or so Nurses or Certified Diabetic Educators, a group of CMU Nursing Students and some responsible local teens.  There will always be someone with your child while they learn about nutrition through eating at the CMU Dining Hall, they will have fun doing different sports in the CMU Gym and they will enjoy being able to visit with other kids who are type 1 diabetics just like them.  If you have questions about it we will soon have a flyer with contacts on it.

March 2012 - We hope to offer a cooking class that offers a chance for diabetic kids and teens to cook while learning about food nutrition how it effects them and why it is important for them to know about food. 

April 2012 - This month we will look into offering a Family Swim Event.  In May we will take a break since this is generally a very busy time for families and students who have finals and graduation.

Please keep checking back and we will publish more about these events as we are able to gather more information.  Thank you so much for your interest.

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